Watch Our Hangout Talking About danah boyd’s It’s Complicated

Our panelists: Lisa Noble (@nobleknits2), Michelle Solomon (@msolomonteacher), Aviva Dunsiger (@avivaloca), Bill Ferriter (@plugusin), Neil Andersen (@mediasee), Andrew Campbell (@acampbell99), Alec Couros (@courosa), Johnny Bevacqua (@jvbevacqua), Jane Mitchinson (@jmitchinson), Royan Lee (@royanlee).

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    I really appreciate that you organized this, Royan. I really enjoyed listening to the perspectives, reflections and insights of all on the on-air panel. It was good to hear the discussion and take-aways amongst a group of educators. It was good to hear some share with their parent hat on too.

    I haven’t read the whole book yet, but I have read many articles about her work, as well ones that Boyd wrote herself. I have listened to a few of her interviews and a recent online chat. I found it interesting that many of the 166 teens she interviewed in person would be the about the age of my oldest now. I also have a 17 yo, so I have bounced a few things off both of my daughters as I read and listened about her work and findings. They had good questions too. What I have been curious to monitor is if her work and messages have been received well and heard by parents of teenagers. That was one reason I mentioned her work in a recent blog post. I wondered if some parent perspectives and insights were not being heard.

    I am also not sure if the book captures the spectrum of the parenting landscape in Canada. She stated that she wrote the book for teachers, parents, policy makers etc., but I have wondered about the reach and if her work is on the radar of many parents. I also worried that some of the messages would not be received well by parents. The headlines of articles didn’t seem to match the main messages of her work and research at times.

    I did catch this TIME article. The author says she is a parent of a 16 year old.

    My thoughts for now. Thanks again. I look forward to more learning and perspectives ahead.

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