Assessment is a Technology

On November 13, 2013, I spoke to the London Region MISA PNC about assessment and technology. Many people use technology for assessment; I believe assessment itself is a technology.

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    My name is Meagan McRae and I am a student in EDM 310. After watching your video there were several things that you said that really hit home for me. I liked where you mentioned how technology is becoming a major part of what the student does, and how the posture of the student can throw educators off. This might be one reason why some educators are having such a hard time with the idea of technology. To someone who isn’t used to this it might appear as if the student isn’t listening or is engaged in something other than what you are talking about. I had never heard about Evernote or Skitch, until you mentioned them. I believe this would be an extremely useful tool in keeping not only your thoughts but your students progress together in one place. It can be easily accessed from either your computer, tablet, or cell phone which makes these tools accessible from where ever you might be. Thanks for the great tips and advice. If you would like you can view my blog here.

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